Understanding Renal Failure

What is renal failure?

Also called kidney failure, renal failure is a condition that occurs when your kidneys suddenly stop working well enough to prevent the need for dialysis or kidney transplant. There are two types of renal failure: Acute renal failure which occurs very suddenly – sometimes within a few days or less; and chronic renal failure which develops over time. Chronic renal failure often occurs as the last stage of chronic kidney disease and may be referred to as end-stage renal disease, or ESRD.

What causes renal failure?

The primary causes of renal failure or end-stage kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure. Learning how to manage these conditions and taking every step possible to keep them under control are vitally important to reducing stress on your kidneys and helping to keep them as healthy as possible. Other causes of renal failure include:

  • genetic diseases such as polycystic kidney disease
  • autoimmune diseases and disorders like lupus and Graves’ disease
  • thyroid disease
  • long-term use of some types of medications
  • injury to the kidney

How is renal failure treated?

In most cases, renal failure cannot be cured or reversed, and you’ll need to undergo dialysis to help your kidneys function properly. Ultimately, you’ll need a kidney transplant to replace your failed kidneys. Until that time, there are treatments in addition to dialysis that can help you manage issues that may be contributing to your kidney disease and help you feel better. These treatments can include:

  • medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • medication to help reduce swelling that can occur, especially in your feet and legs
  • losing weight and eating a healthy diet
  • managing stress that often accompanies chronic kidney disease and kidney failure

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